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Multi-cache Munich-Venice
A  cache by IlPadrino       Hidden: 8/25/2008  
Size: Size: Regular (Regular)      Difficulty: 2 out of 5      Terrain: 4 out of 5 (1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)

N 48° 08.157 E 011° 34.233
UTM: 32U E 691240 N 5334606
S Only some kilometers from your home coordinates
In Bavaria, Germany


Munich - Venice
A Hiking Cache

(Link to original cache listing)

28 Legs
3 Countries
1 Route
560 Kilometers (350 miles)
20000 Meters (65000 feet) altitude difference
Infinite number of impressions

"Nothing impedes us, nothing holds us back." (Victor Hugo)

From Marienplatz (center of Munich) to St. Mark's Square (center of Venice) you hike 28 legs on the traditional route (so-called THE "oneiric trail") described by Ludwig Grassler (red hiking guide with ISBN 3-7654-3994-0 respectively green hiking guide with ISBN 3-7654-4910-5 since July, 2011; both available by publisher Bruckmann). Stupidly the Alps are on your way, which definitely causes some ascents and descents on your way to the south.

(Image ist linked to track view created with GoogleMaps which can be zoomed)

Special equipment for ice or climbing is NOT required. Only for the 22th leg it is mandatory to have helmet, clipping equipment (NEW 2011: at Rifugio San Sebastiano at the Passo Duran respectively at Rifugio Pian de Fontana it's supposed to be possible to get the necessary material for rent now (prior reservation might be necessary !) - I had already propagated this commercial gap for years ) and experience for handling it with you, if you decide to go the Schiara fixed rope route (via ferrata; terrain: 5). The alternative (because this leg is not necessary for the cache) is to use the bus or to go the eastern path, which is "only" very exhausting. This eastern alternative is still NOT part of the official hiking literature, but a report (in German language) of Lothar Köster is for example available here: Link

Very helpful for non-German speaking hikers: Link

From my point of view "ONLY" the following is necessary:
  • appropriate and already used shoes
  • appropriate equipment for hiking more than one day within high mountains (you can ask me for advice)
  • surefootedness
  • stable character, to be able to handle such a mental challenge
  • at least one time having hiked 2 consecutive days under realistic conditions (10-15 kg of luggage) 30 kilometers a day within flat country and having survived (there will be a training cache available in spring 2009)
  • stable interpersonal relationships within the hiking team (you'll be together ABOUT 670 hours almost without interruptions), except you go on your own, which is also possible of course and always includes the possibility to join other groups doing the hike
  • some experience doing hiking tours within high mountains might be recommended, but it is not essential, especially because adequate caution is highly recommended by all means
  • a reserve of 2-4 days is advised (but it's also possible to do it without any breaks like we did it), if you want to do it at a stretch (to do it on separated tours is of course possible, too).
    The best strategy: Going, going, going, while weather and healthiness allowing it, because making a global project plan before starting is wasted time.
  • membership within an alpine club (like DAV, OeAV, CAI, ...) is higly recommended for such a tour, because you'll save money, not talking about all the other advantages.

By the way you'll get fit while that tour without additional training. The height up to 3000 meters (10000 feet) above sea level is not a problem at all, too, because you start within the flat country, step by step you get higher and only one time you'll sleep at 2800 meters within the 3rd week (Boe hut), else you go down again from the highest point of the day, which is really positive for regeneration and increasing your ability.

Although everybody (even completely untrained persons) with average healthiness and an age between 14-75 (those people we met on our way) can make that tour on marked hiking paths, forestry roads, steep tracks, embankments, dirt or paved roads with staying over night within mountain huts or motels, you shall never forget: The way is your goal and your own healthiness shall always have the highest priority while balancing the potential risks, which can occur within high mountains.
Therefore please do NOT have excessive fear, but also do not have fatal readiness to assume a risk (normally the hosts of the huts are well informed about paths and weather conditions, you can interview them and shall consider their advice) !

The legs (names of small villages, huts, ... are NOT translated):

Day Start via Finish [km] [h] up [Hm] down [Hm]
1 Munich, Marienplatz Isar - Kloster Schaeftlarn - Isar Wolfratshausen 32 8 60 0
2 Wolfratshausen Isar - Geretsried - Isar Bad Toelz 26 7 120 50
3 Bad Toelz Isar - Arzbach - Tiefentalalm Tutzinger Huette 18 6.5 1000 300
4 Tutzinger Huette Jachenau - Risssattel Vorderriss (better: Oswaldhuette) 22 (27) 6.5 (7.5) 670 1220
5 Vorderriss (better: Oswaldhuette) Hinterriss - Kleiner Ahornboden Karwendelhaus 24 (19) 7.5 (6.5) 1000 0
6 Karwendelhaus Schlauchkarsattel - Hinterautal Hallerangeralm (or: Hallerangerhaus) 14 8 1510 1510
7 Hallerangeralm (or: Hallerangerhaus) Lafatscherjoch - St. Magdalena Wattens 18 5.5 400 1600
8 Wattens Lager Walchen Lizumer Huette 16 7 1490 0
9 Lizumer Huette Pluderlingsattel - Gschuetzspitzsattel Tuxer-Joch-Haus 11 7 1150 880
10 Tuxer-Joch-Haus Spannaglhaus - Friesenbergscharte Olpererhuette (Dominikushuette) 12 6 830 840 (1340)
11 Olpererhuette (Dominikushuette) Pfitscher-Joch-Haus Stein 14 4 (5) 470 (0) 700 (850)
12 Stein Gliederscharte - Engbergalmen Pfunders 16 7.5 1100 1500
13 Pfunders Niedervintl - Ronerhuette Kreuzwiesenhuette 23 7 1.200 500
14 Kreuzwiesenhuette Wuerzjoch - Peitlerscharte Schlueterhuette 18 8 1000 600
15 Schlueterhuette Puezhuette Groedner Joch (Puezhuette) 19 (10) 7 (3.5) 1000 (500) 1170 (670)
16 Groedner Joch (Puezhuette) Pisciaduhuette Boehuette 7 (16) 4 (7.5) 820 (1320) 90 (590)
17 Boehuette (Piz Boe -) Pordoijoch Fedaiasee 12 (14) 6 (7.5) 240 (540) 1070 (1370)
18 Fedaiasee Sottogudaschlucht Alleghe (Masare) 22 4.5 0 1100
19 Alleghe (Masare) (Masare -) Tissihuette 12 4 1350 0
20 Tissihuette Rif. Vazzoler Passo Duran (Carestiatohuette) 14 (11) 5.5 (5) 650 1000 (800)
21 Passo Duran (Carestiatohuette) Forcella Moschesin Rif. Pian de Fontana 18 (21) 7.5 (8) 1300 1500 (1700)
22 Rif. Pian de Fontana Schiara: Marmol fixed rope route (or eastern detour) Rif. 7° Alpini 7 8 670 860
23 Rif. 7° Alpini Case Bortot Belluno 13 4 90 1200
24 Belluno Valmorel Revine 25 8 750 850
25 Revine Collalto - Piave Priula 27 6 350 510
26 Priula Piave San Bartolomeo (Bocca Callalta) 21 (26) 5 (6) 0 0
27 San Bartolomeo (Bocca Callalta) Piave - Musile Jesolo 36 (31) 9 (8) 0 0
28 Jesolo Punta Sabbioni Venice, St. Mark's Square 24 6 0 0

Bonus: Within the area of the 12th leg to Pfunders there exists an interesting and with good weather very worthwhile chance for a hiking detour to the summit of the highest mountain around (Hochfeiler, 3510 m), where INCIDENTALLY another cache is available, too ( Link).
There are different possibilities to do this with or without using an additional day, simply contact me for advise.

Link to a little appetizer:
(taken from the book about the cache, but without spoilers and private photos - therefore there are some gaps ;-)

The Cache:

Start: Marienplatz, Munich

There's nothing special to do at the starting point, except taking the usual fotos and starting the tour step by step ... your are starting FINALLY.
Day 1, Goal: Wolfratshausen

Within the courtyard (no entrance fee necessary) of the German museum ("Deutsches Museum") there's a model of the sun on a pillar. What is the diameter of this model, measured in centimeters ?
(A = Number of centimeters)
Day 2, Goal: Bad Toelz

At N 47° 50.285 E 011° 30.551 is a very lovely place for taking a break. Stage 15 of the info trail there, explains some historic backgrounds. When was a well conserved sword made out of bronze found there (number at the begin of the line with "Bronzeschwert" at the end) ?
(B = Year of the find)

river Isar
Day 3, Goal: Tutzinger Huette

At the outside wall of Tutzinger Huette (near N 47° 39.441 E 011° 27.747) you can see a sign remembering on the release of capricorns.
(C = Sum of alphabetical positions of the first 6 letters of the last word on the sign - 2)
Day 4, Goal: e.g. Oswaldhuette (or Vorderriss)

After Jachenau at N 47° 34.839 E 011° 26.839 you see a sign above the left window at a wooden hut. Build the sum of the last two digits of the number within the first line.
(D = Sum of the last two digits)

Kleiner Ahornboden
Day 5, Goal: Karwendelhaus

At N 47° 25.062 E 011° 28.096 you'll find a pilar with a metal panel. When was the panel installed (number can be found within last line) ?
(E = Year)
Day 6, Goal: e.g. Hallerangeralm (or Hallerangerhaus)

How many characters has the occupation of the man, who died at N 47° 21.855 E 011° 26.206 ? Only the occupation, NOT including the title ! Can be found within the 4th line, the occupation is the first part of the word including the title "Meister" !
(F = Number of characters of the occupation (without title !))

Sundown at Halleranger
Day 7, Goal: e.g. Wattens (or Hall)

Today you have to be very watchful. While going up from the Halleranger, you find the point shown on the picture. Determine the coordinates of the position between the cross and the pile of stones.
(G = Divide the decimal part of the northern minutes by 50 and round it)
Day 8, Goal: Lizumer Huette

Again you must be very watchful: At which position after the village of Wattens do you find the shown fingerpost ?

(H = Divide the decimal part of the northern minutes by 50 and round it)

Hint: Do not simply follow the road, but use the REAL and original path ( does not contain a saved track !).

Hoher (Tuxer) Riffler (3.231m), Gefrorene Wand (3.288m), Olperer (3.476m)
Day 9, Goal: Tuxer-Joch-Haus

At N 47° 08.219 E 011° 38.100 you find a sign at a pole. What is the cross sum of the last line of the inscription of the rectangular, white sign ?
(I = Cross sum)
if I is odd: I = I + 5
Day 10, Goal: z.B. Olpererhuette (or Dominikushuette)

At the "Friesenbergscharte" (highest point today, but NOT of the whole tour as mentioned within ALL guides) you find a sign with an inscription like "??? Zillertaler Alpen". How many characters do the words have standing BEFORE "Zillertaler Alpen" ?
(K = Number of characters)

on the "Berliner Hoehenweg" with outlook about Schlegeisspeicher (water reservoir) and Hochfeiler (mountain and cache) in the background ( Link)
Day 11, Goal: Stein

At the frontier between Austria and Italy you must have a closer look to the boundary stone. Note the number which is on the stone.
(L = Number)
Day 12, Goal: Pfunders

Today there's something to seek on the ground at
N 46° 56 + [N.NNN]
E 11° 40.[EEE]
[N.NNN] = A + 2 * C + D + 2 * F + H + (E - B) * L + (L + 1) / 2
[EEE] = C + D + G + I + K

When having found the necessary stage, read and consider the description inside and note the mandatory hints for later.
Day 13, Goal: Kreuzwiesenhuette

At the fingerpost at N 46° 48.004 E 011° 44.626 you look at the sign showing your direction.
First line: Number of characters before [MALGA]: x
Second line: Number of words before [ALPE]: y
(M = xy)
Day 14, Goal: Schlueterhuette

Today you find a crucifix at N 46° 44.683 E 011° 49.990. Above there's an inscription, consisting of how many words ?
(N = Number of words)


Shakedown bed ?
Day 15, Goal: e.g. Puezhuette (or Groedner Joch)

The picture is the OLD Puezhuette (near to the new one). Not shown on the picture is an inscription consisting of 3 lines of text, right of the extracted section. Sum up the positions within the alphabet of the last 2 characters of the 3rd line of text.
(O = Sum of the positions)
Day 16, Goal: Boehuette

Above the main entrance of the Boehuette there's an inscription. How many characters does the first word have ?
(P = Number of characters)

Diabolic path: Highway to Hell ?

Day 17, Goal: Fedaiasee

At the wall of the Pordoihuette you see a painted picture with some rocks and animals. How many horns do you count ?
(Q = Number of horns)
Day 18, Goal: e.g. Alleghe (or Masare)

Today you loose a lot of altitude using ski slopes. At the position N 46° 26.346 E 011° 54.467 you stand directly below the wires of a transport system for skiing. Which kind of system is it ?
  • T-bar lift (R = 3)
  • Chair lift (R = 6)
  • Cablecar (R = 9)

View over Alleghesee to the north
Day 19, Goal: Tissihuette

The shown cross on the summit is only 5 minutes away from the Tissihuette. You should go up the short path to the cross, because on one hand you have a really exciting outlook (good weather assumed) and on the other hand you are interested, when the panel had been assembled to the cross.
(S = Year of the panel)
Day 20, Goal: e.g. Passo Duran (or Carestiatohuette)

At the hut Rif. Vazzoler you take a short break. At the area before the main entrance there are a lot of tiles made out of stone attached to the wall, remembering some persons. Seek Mario X, Domenico Y and Corrado Z. Sum up the length of their surnames X, Y, Z
(T = Sum of the lengths of the names)
Day 21, Goal: Rif. Pian de Fontana

Above the front door there's a sign, where the same letter can be seen within two lines directly one upon the other.
(U = Alphabetical position of the letter)
Day 22, Goal: Rif. 7° Alpini

Today you concentrate on the technically most difficult leg. Have fun, fantastic weather and good luck for the fixed climbing route over the Schiara.

Forcella del Marmol

Piazza in Belluno
Day 23, : Belluno

After the (hopefully) great experience of the day before and the chilling out walk out of the Alps there's no mission to do for the cache.
Just relax and enjoy the changing landscape regarding Mediterranean flora and fauna.
Day 24, Goal: Revine

You pass the sign marking the limits of the village Tassei. What is forbidden there ?
  • Nothing (V = 2)
  • Overtaking (V = 4)
  • Hooting (V = 6)
Day 24 (alternative route), Goal: Col Visentin

Above the door of the chapel at the summit at N 46° 03.369' E 12° 16.948' you'll find a year written in Roman numerals.
(V = Cross sum of the year using Arabian figures)

Mulinetto della Croda
Day 25, Goal: Priula

The time without proper and reliable maps and signs is starting, somethimes even contradicting themselves. Have a look at the fingerpost of Munich-Venice (Muenchen-Venedig) at N 45° 58.195 E 012° 12.857: Which number is THERE inscribed for the current route ?
(W = Number of the route)
Day 26, Goal: e.g. San Bartolomeo (or Bocca Callalta)

Within the street Via Argine you find a lost place at N 45° 44.200 E 012° 23.477. Not in best conditions, but the street number is still readable from the street.
(X = Street number)

San Bartolomeo
Day 27, Goal: Jesolo

Before reaching the city of Jesolo, you pass a ruin from former times at N 45° 32.668 E 012° 35.962. Have a closer look at the presentation board and the small building itself. At the front, right of the entrance you find 2 characters, 1 little man and how many stylized animals (don't count the missing one) ?
(Y = Number of animals)
Day 28, Goal: Venice

You arrive at the goal. Almost. The compulsive "photo finish" at the St. Mark's Square is still missing ...
St. Mark's Square, Venice:

... there's still one remaining last question: On the roof of the shown building, with the clock using Roman figures for hours and Arabian figures for the minutes, there are how many "persons" hammering the bells ?
(Z = Number of persons)
The finale:

Go to:
N 45° 26.[NNN] + Offset: 11
E 12° 19.[EEE] + Offset: 28
[NNN] = (S - W - M) / 2 + O + Z + X
[EEE] = N * P + 2 * Q * T + R * X + U * V * Y - X + P

You stand opportunely there and you know, what to do now ...

Now, it's time for YOU simply to ask yourself very seriously, what The Clash asked themselves already at the begin of the 1980s:
Should I Stay or Should I Go ?

Break a leg and happy hunting !

Last but not least: Please do not provide ANY spoilers within logs and comments !

Due to current incidents (2010-09-17): Logs containing spoilers will be deleted immediately in the future.

Free speech, but no spoilers.

Version of Listing: 2016-11-17

Additional Waypoints

    Prefix Lookup Name Coordinate  
available Question to Answer 01 MV01 MV Stage 01 (Question to Answer) N 48° 07.810 E 01° 35.009  [Map]
Note: Stage 01  
available Question to Answer 02 MV02 MV Stage 02 (Question to Answer) N 47° 50.285 E 011° 30.551  [Map]
Note: Stage 02  
available Question to Answer 03 MV03 MV Stage 03 (Question to Answer) N 47° 39.441 E 011° 27.747  [Map]
Note: Stage 03  
available Question to Answer 04 MV04 MV Stage 04 (Question to Answer) N 47° 34.839 E 011° 26.839  [Map]
Note: Stage 04  
available Question to Answer 05 MV05 MV Stage 05 (Question to Answer) N 47° 25.062 E 011° 28.096  [Map]
Note: Stage 05  
available Question to Answer 06 MV06 MV Stage 06 (Question to Answer) N 47° 21.855 E 011° 26.206  [Map]
Note: Stage 06  
available Question to Answer 09 MV09 MV Stage 09 (Question to Answer) N 47° 08.219 E 011° 38.100  [Map]
Note: Stage 09  
available Question to Answer 10 MV10 MV Stage 10 (Question to Answer) N 47° 04.444 E 011° 41.551  [Map]
Note: Stage 10  
available Question to Answer 11 MV11 MV Stage 11 (Question to Answer) N 46° 59.684 E 011° 39.620  [Map]
Note: Stage 11  
available Question to Answer 13 MV13 MV Stage 13 (Question to Answer) N 46° 48.004 E 011° 44.626  [Map]
Note: Stage 13  
available Question to Answer 14 MV14 MV Stage 14 (Question to Answer) N 46° 44.683 E 011° 49.990  [Map]
Note: Stage 14  
available Question to Answer 15 MV15 MV Stage 15 (Question to Answer) N 46° 35.372 E 011° 49.782  [Map]
Note: Stage 15  
available Question to Answer 16 MV16 MV Stage 16 (Question to Answer) N 46° 30.880 E 011° 49.433  [Map]
Note: Stage 16  
available Question to Answer 17 MV17 MV Stage 17 (Question to Answer) N 46° 30.108 E 011° 48.743  [Map]
Note: Stage 17  
available Question to Answer 18 MV18 MV Stage 18 (Question to Answer) N 46° 26.346 E 011° 54.467  [Map]
Note: Stage 18  
available Question to Answer 19 MV19 MV Stage 19 (Question to Answer) N 46° 23.285 E 012° 01.984  [Map]
Note: Stage 19  
available Question to Answer 20 MV20 MV Stage 20 (Question to Answer) N 46° 21.244 E 012° 01.876  [Map]
Note: Stage 20  
available Question to Answer 21 MV21 MV Stage 21 (Question to Answer) N 46° 15.714 E 012° 10.573  [Map]
Note: Stage 21  
available Question to Answer 24 MV24 MV Stage 24 (Question to Answer) N 46° 04.019 E 012° 14.693  [Map]
Note: Stage 24  
available Question to Answer 25 MV25 MV Stage 25 (Question to Answer) N 45° 58.195 E 012° 12.857  [Map]
Note: Stage 25  
available Question to Answer 26 MV26 MV Stage 26 (Question to Answer) N 45° 44.200 E 012° 23.477  [Map]
Note: Stage 26  
available Question to Answer 27 MV27 MV Stage 27 (Question to Answer) N 45° 32.668 E 012° 35.962  [Map]
Note: Stage 27  
available Question to Answer 28 MV28 MV Stage 28 (Question to Answer) N 45° 26.026 E 012° 20.395  [Map]
Note: Stage 28  

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